Episode 2 Moral Innovations Future by David S Wu

David is the co-founder of Wu & Associates LLC with six years of administration and teaching experience in schools such as 2 of over 1,000 Waldorf schools worldwide; Woodrow Wilson High School where Warren Buffet attended; and Board Treasurer of a Hebrew language immersion public charter school in Washington DC.  David has visited 100 public, private, Montessori, IB, and independent schools around the world, and interviewed 1,000 applicants to elite schools such as Princeton.  David was  Professor of Finance at Hult International Business School where students from over 20 countries were given real-life projects.  He lectured at multiple universities like St. Joseph’s and the University of San Francisco on International Business and Babson College on entrepreneurship, all with moral innovations.
Beginning with a summary of our world today, Moral Innovations leads us to the optimal education that encourages our children to identify and pursue their passions with knowledge.  Acquiring knowledge requires hard work.  Everyone’s knowledge is individualized and unique.  With a Moral Innovations framework, sustainable changes with global perspectives can happen when educators, parents, and faith collaborate in Moral Innovator communities.  Our children must work hard in Moral Innovator communities to gain knowledge.  They will feel their freedom when they find and pursue their passions to realize their potentials.  We make decisions with the best available information at the time the decisions are made, and improvements happen when we seek knowledge that we may have missed at the time we made decisions in the past.  The change will take time, but hopefully will keep us going to try our best.  There have been lifelong Moral Innovators and there have been moral innovators who changed during their lifetimes like Bill Gates who left his monopolistic practices in Microsoft and committed to a substantial and voluntary estate tax in the form of the largest foundation on earth, supported by Warren Buffet’s voluntary commitment of a substantial amount of his estate to charities.
Get to know your community and learn their perspectives.  Make decisions with the Golden Rule, and a Moral Innovator is born.  Moral Innovators make sustainable changes happen.  This episode will give you a head start to formulate your knowledge and pursue your passion.


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