Episode 1 Moral Innovation History by David S Wu

David is the co-founder of Wu & Associates LLC with six years of administration and teaching experience in schools such as 2 of over 1,000 Waldorf schools worldwide; Woodrow Wilson High School where Warren Buffet attended; and Board Treasurer of a Hebrew language immersion public charter school in Washington DC.  David has visited 100 public, private, Montessori, IB, and independent schools around the world, and interviewed 1,000 applicants to elite schools such as Princeton.  David was  Professor of Finance at Hult International Business School where students from over 20 countries were given real-life projects.  He lectured at multiple universities like St. Joseph’s and the University of San Francisco on International Business and Babson College on entrepreneurship, all with moral innovations.
Summary of the episode:
Moral Innovations is a framework to help us understand why we experience increasing violence and widening wealth gap.  This first episode reviews our history, focusing on the last 2,000 years.  Even though we have a universally accepted Golden Rule, we have not followed it.  Two treaties between Spain and Portugal claimed the world, with an agreement that China and India belong to Portugal.  Opium extracted trillions of dollars out of China in the 19th century after the Opium Wars and did not stop until China was bankrupt and needed financing to remain solvent in the early 20th century.  Our current focus on innovation is not sustainable as we experience increasing violence and widening wealth gap.  Similar to a frog sitting in water that is being heated, we could all be boiled to death if we don’t recognize we are all contributing to heating the water surrounding us.  We have run out of land to settle on earth, and we are transferring at least $2 trillion to the rich every year for over 40 years hitherto.  When divided by 8 billion people, we are contributing $250 to widen the wealth gap every year, or $400 per adult every year, including this year.
Re-discover your world through the lens of moral innovations.  You can thrive with your place in this world when you change this world with decisions consistent with The Golden Rule.  The next episode will start with our world today and propose a framework that builds moral innovator communities for a better world with harmony through knowledge with The Golden Rule.
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