Flying Together: Working Together as a Team – CLUSA Civic Leadership Forum Panel Discussion 3/5/18

The article was written by one of the forum attendees. On Monday, I went to an event at Ding Ding TV along with several other members of the ICSV. We had a really awesome time there meeting new people and learning new things. I got to meet entrepreneurs from age 60 to even as young as 17. I also got meet several former mayors of Cupertino. We live in Silicon Valley, a place full of new ideas and innovation. To survive in this great place, you need to learn how to take risks. I learned many steps to become a successful leader. I loved the fact that the 17-year-old is using his own time to help people who are in need. I also loved the story of one of the former mayor of Cupertino, who was falsely charged with corruption. However, he did not panic, followed his own mind, and did what’s right. I also learned that one important fact about being an entrepreneur. You have to take risks in order to become successful. Failing is only a step to being more successful.


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