VC Talk by Lightspeed Ventures’ Partner Guru Chahal


Date: July 16, 2019, 10am-12pm PST (California time)

Webinar + Onsite event

Speaker: Lightspeed Ventures’ Partner Guru Chahal

Topic: Learn about Lightspeed’s Investment Strategy

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10-10.30am Networking

10.30-11.30am Lightspeed Investment Strategy overview + Q&A (Guru Chahal)

11.30am-12pm Networking

U First Capital is bringing Venture Capitalists, Corporate Executives and successful Startup Founders as Speakers. More info at https://www.ufirstcapital.com/speaker

The event will be streamed live over video conferencing and also held in person at U First Capital office (3175 Bowers Avenue, Santa Clara, California). You can attend the event in person or online. Speaker will join in person from U First Capital office. The event is intended to be interactive. Videos of past events can be found on U First Capital Facebook Live page https://www.facebook.com/ufirstcapital2

Video conference link will be sent to registered attendees.

Speaker Bio:

Guru Chahal is a partner at Lightspeed Venture Partners focusing on early stage enterprise startups in cloud, security, DevOps, observability and enterprise IT. He first joined the Lightspeed team in 2012 and then joined the founding team at Avi Networks (one of his investments) to help build out the early stages of the business. Back at Lightspeed after his time at Avi Networks, Guru leverages his founding experience, product expertise and extensive customer network in helping entrepreneurs through funding and beyond. During his operational career, he has been part of three product lines as they’ve gone from inception to over a billion dollar run rate. His previous roles include product leadership roles at Avi Networks (next generation application services), Nuova Systems (acquired by Cisco), and Tropos Networks (acquired by ABB). Guru started his career as a software engineer at Cisco Systems, working on distributed systems within networking and holds several patents in the space.

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Speaker: Lightspeed Ventures’ Partner Guru Chahal
Topic: Learn about Lightspeed’s Investment Strategy
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