Commemorating the third anniversary of the passing of Bay Area art promoter Ann Woo


Commemorating the third anniversary of the passing of

Bay Area art promoter

Ann Woo


The end of August 2020 marks the third anniversary of the untimely death of well-known art promoter in the Bay Area, Ann Woo.  She loved art all her life and spared no effort to promote multicultural and artistic exchanges in the United States and abroad.  She provided artists with a stage to showcase their talents and integrated different national cultures into the mainstream.  Her efforts throughout her life helped educated people in her communities of the many facets in the arts and at the same time launched many careers of artists internationally.

After her death, a group of artists, long time friends, associates and husband John Chu together established the International Performance Arts of America (IPAA), which has held the International Performing Arts Festival each year since Ann’s death.  While remembering Ann Woo, IPAA has provided a stage for exchange between artists of all ethnic groups.  Due to the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic, the 3rd International Performing Arts Festival must be postponed.

IPAA and DingDing TV jointly organized an online commemorative meeting:

August 29, 2020 from 2:00-3:00pm.

All friends from everywhere who loved Ann Woo can participate in remembering her along with rare and precious videos, photos and discussions continuing the dialogue in her quest for more awareness of the arts.  There will be family, friends and colleagues of Ann’s with a group of top artists interacting online along with participants.

We sincerely invite all friends of Ann Woo along with the entire community to join us and to continue to support her vision of culture through the arts.  Ann’s family, her supporters and VIPs will present at this webinar.


John Chu, Husband to Ann Woo

Andy Jian, President of IPAA

Dennis Nahat, Director of International Performing Arts Festival

Yang Yang, Executive Director of IPAA

Diana Ding, President of Ding Ding TV, Silicon Valley Innovation Channel


***Event Information & Registeation***




2:00-2:05pm            Opening Remark by Diana Ding

2:05-2:15pm            Ann Woo’s achievements introduction by Dennis Nahat

2:15-2:18pm            Ann Woo’s Story by John Zhu

2:18-2:23pm            Play video 1 (Pictures)

2:23-2:26pm            IPAA Introduction Andy Jian

2:26-2:31pm            Play video 2 (Highlights of Performances)

2:31-2:34pm            IPAA Festival introduction by Yangyang

3:34-3:39pm            Play video 3

2:39-3:25pm            VIP& Friends Remarks

3:25-3:30pm            End



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