Asian American Stories receive Certificate of Recognition by the UCA at the 2024 Chinese American Convention

Between June 27th and 30th, 2024 Chinese American Convention, organized by United Chinese Americans (UCA), was held in Washington D.C. Silicon Valley Community Media and Asian American Stories received a Certificate of Recognition from the UCA. Sylvie Nguyen traveled to Washington D. C. to participate in the conference as the First place Winner (Youth category) in the Asian American Stories 2024 Video Contest.

It is the largest Chinese American community get-together of its kind, the most engaging open and civic platform for everyone interested in serving the community, and a meaningful network of like-minded community activists, civic leaders, entrepreneurs, elected officials, academics as well as aspiring youth. Since its inception in 2016, it has become the much expected community-wide go to event.

With the theme of “Embracing Civil Rights Movement of Our Time,” the 2024 Convention attracted up to 1,000 participants from all over America, Canada, China and other countries, with multitudes of networking, learning and business opportunities throughout the entire Convention and beyond.

On June 27, the Convention kicked off with its signature UCA-APAPA Congressional Day, bringing the aspirations and concerns of the AAPI communities to US Congress. It ended with a Congressional reception on Capitol Hill, bringing together Members of Congress and their staffers to meet and mingle with Convention goers, expanding and deepening our influence with US Congress.

This year, the Convention had five distinct tracks: 

1) National Youth Conference;

2) National Mental Health Summit;

3) AAPI Political Action Summit;

4) Community Building and Civic Engagement;

5) Entrepreneurship and Career Growth

The formal program ended with Awards Gala Dinner on June 29 with Joe Wong Show. The next and last day, UCA worked with other national civil rights organizations and organized a Walk on the National Mall to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, with a rally in front of the majestic Lincoln Memorial.


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