Partnership Launches Free Taxi Rides For Veterans In Santa Clara County

A partnership with the County of Santa Clara, Silicon Valley Chapter of the Military Officers Association of America, (MOAA-SVC), and Yellow Cab of Silicon Valley is now providing free transportation assistance for veterans in Santa Clara County. Veterans will be able to schedule a free taxi ride to medical appointments, job interviews, employment services, school or education activities, and other essential appointments. Scheduling a ride is easy, just call the County’s Office of Veterans Services at 408-918-4980 to schedule pick-up – see included flyer.

“Since taking office we have focused grant funding into our URJGENT program and supporting local organizations caring for our community. MOAA-SV came to us with an outstanding proposal for our veterans, and we’re so excited to see the program get underway,” said Supervisor Otto Lee.

The free ride program is thanks to a micro-grant from the Office of County Supervisor Otto Lee to the MOAA-SVC, who coordinates the rides with the County’s Veterans Services Office, (VSO). The first grant allocated $5,000 and a second grant awaiting approval will provide another $5,000.​ Rides are currently available for scheduling.

Supervisor Lee added, “Our veterans must have access to the services and resources that they earned through their service to us. Getting a ride should not be a barrier for veterans to visit a doctor, attend class, or engage with their community.”

“This taxi service is a game changer for veterans,” proclaimed MOAA-SVC President Ret. Col. Ray Watts. “Providing reliable and accessible taxi services for veterans can significantly improve their quality of life and motility. Veterans, especially those with disabilities or limited mobility, often face challenges in transportation, making it difficult for them to attend medical appointments, run errands, or participate in social activities, this really helps reduce stress and anxiety too,” he added.

Dedicated taxi services offer veterans the opportunity to enjoy the following benefits: independence, convenience, and timely access to services. This service aligns well with MOAA-SVC’s primary mission to support veterans and active-duty military members, and their families. Founded in 1950, the Silicon Valley Chapter is fully committed to transparency and operational excellence while adhering to the Warrior Ethos. Ret. U.S. Army Colonel Ray Watts serves as President. Information available at svcmoaa.com.

VSO Director Darlyn Escalante shared, “Despite being a basic necessity, transportation has become increasingly challenging for veterans, especially in the Bay Area, due to high gas prices and the cost of public transit. I am thrilled to be part of a partnership that will address this need and better serve our veteran community. This will not only provide reliable transportation but also enhance the quality of life for our veterans, ensuring they have access to the essential services and opportunities they deserve. Together, we are dedicated to making a tangible difference and honoring the sacrifices made by our veterans.”

The VSO is a County and State funded agency established in 1944 to assist Veterans, Military Personnel, and their families in obtaining federal, state, and local benefits earned through active-duty military service. Their office is located at 68 N. Winchester Boulevard, Santa Clara, CA 95050 and may be reached by phone at 408-918-4980, by email at vets@vets.sccgov.org, or online at veterans.sccgov.org/home.

Yellow Cab Director of Business Development Diana Melegrito shared the following, “Yellow Cab is proud to launch this new transportation program dedicated to serving our nation’s heroes. This initiative is designed to ensure that veterans have reliable, comfortable, and convenient access to transportation.”

“Yellow Cab has always recognized the tremendous sacrifices made by our veterans and we are honored to be a part of this collaboration to support our veterans’ mobility. Our commitment is to provide a service that reflects our gratitude and respect for those who have served our country. This program is more than just a ride; it’s a way for us to give back to the individuals who have given so much for our freedom,” concluded Director Melegrito. Yellow Cab has been proudly serving Silicon Valley residents since 1938.


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