Ding Ding TV Report – Jinlin Wang Chinese Ancient Paintings & Calligraphy Traveling Exhibition

On April 27th, California Chinese Art Gallery in Millbrae hosted the launch for the book “Treasure Hunting” written by Jinlin Wang and Chinese ancient calligraphy and painting collection exhibition. The event was co-sponsored by the California Chinese Painting Academy and the US-China Economic, Trade and Cultural Promotion Association and co-organized by the Fremont Auction Company.

About Jinlin Wang:

Wang Jinlin, was born in Shaoxing in July 1963 and he currently lives in San Francisco, USA.

He is a collector of ancient calligraphy and painting appraisals in the United States, an expert in the restoration of ancient calligraphy and paintings, a calligrapher and painter, and an overseas ambassador for Chinese traditional culture and art.

Currently, he is the president of California Chinese Painting Academy, president of Shaoxing YuebaozhaiTianchi Painting and Calligraphy Academy, chief consultant of San Francisco Chinese Art Society, art consultant of Beijing Hengfeng Auction Company, consultant of Shaoxing Culture and Artwork Research Association, and member of Yuecheng Ganoderma Township Xian Association. Evaluation expert of Shaoxing CPPCC Mohua Painting and Calligraphy Academy, President of Ganoderma Painting and Calligraphy Association.

In recent years, he has held two consecutive solo exhibitions of calligraphy and painting at the Chinese Gallery in San Francisco, USA. His works have been collected by calligraphy and painting enthusiasts and many museums at home and abroad, and have been auctioned by many auction companies. They are well-known at home and abroad. His painting theories and paintings have been adopted by many art magazines and auction companies, and he has made great achievements in the appraisal, collection and restoration of ancient paintings and calligraphy. He also gave speeches on the topic of inheritance and restoration of ancient Chinese calligraphy and painting at the Asia Art Center and the “Silicon Valley Sees the World” program.


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