Silicon Valley Entrepreneurship Forum – Scott Burton (Crystal-Optech)

Scott Burton (Senior VP of US and Europe Operations, Crystal-Optech) talked about his China experience, where he touched on topics like restricted market access for non-Chinese companies and government support in building factories in China, making it a cost-effective option compared to the United States.

What are the new trends in e-commerce? What are the potential applications of AI and ChatGPT for companies and ventures? What are some of the latest trends in renewable energy? How is the US-China decoupling going to impact the supply chain? These are the topics discussed at the Silicon Valley Entrepreneurship Forum.

On May 21st, Silicon Valley Entrepreneurship Forum was held at Ding Ding TV studios. Great Way Trading and Transportation, the Silicon Valley Alumni Association of the University of Science and Technology of China, and the Kemin Foundation organized the event.

Silicon Valley Entrepreneurship Sharing Conference (Ke Min Platform) was founded to commemorate the spirit of Dr. Ke Min, a Silicon Valley entrepreneur and an alumnus of the University of Science and Technology of China. Dr. Ke Min passed away from a heart attack when he was 43. 2023. marks the 30th anniversary of the Great Way Trading and Transportation. The Entrepreneurship Forum is a dynamic platform for entrepreneurs at all stages of their journey, from budding startups to seasoned industry veterans. By providing a space for knowledge exchange and networking, the Forum addresses hot topics in the business world and gives entrepreneurs critical tools and inspiration.


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