Community Stars Fashion Show at Asian Heritage Month

 8th San Francisco International Qipao Culture Month (SFIQM) Community Stars Fashion Show

8th San Francisco International Qipao Culture Month (SFIQM) Community Stars Fashion Show featured Community Stars: Yan Zhao, Vice Mayor of Saratoga, a role model of commitment who always committed herself to serve the community; Lily Mei, Mayor of Fremont, the role model of Supercharger, full of clean energy; Margaret Abe-Koga, Councilmember and Former Mayor of Mountain View, a role model of tenacious who is a strong and persistent leader; Lisa Diaz Nash, Deputy Mayor of San Mateo, a role model of hopeful, she has seen many times how small groups of people coming together can solve difficult problems and strengthen our communities; Ray Buenaventura, Mayor of Daly City, a role model of humble who doesn’t take credit and always let others shine; Yang Shao Councilmember of Fremont, a role model of humorous who often brought laughter to people.
In 2022, Sunny Shen, President of San Francisco International Qipao Culture Month, and Diana WP Ding, President of Ding Ding TV, Silicon Valley Community Media started Community Stars Fashion Show on Asian Heritage Month, Featuring Outstanding Bay Area leaders from our community in Beautiful Qipao. This year’s “Community Stars” spoke on the Civic Leadership Forum “The Culture & Fashion of Asian Heritage”.  About 500 people attended this event.  (Watch the Community Star fashion show from last year: http://www.dingdingtv.com/?p=90833  )

The event was held in South SF (H.L. Peninsula Restaurant) on Sunday, May 7th,  organized by SFIQM Committee, and co-hosted by Ding Ding TV – Silicon Valley Community Media.

Qipao is a traditional garment that expresses the unique style of Asian women. Qipao Culture Month started in San Francisco in 2016. This recurring event raised awareness of Asian American culture using fashion, lifestyle, art, and many more.


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