The 1990 Institute issued the following statement on Dominic Ng and Judy Chu

March 10, 2023:
Dear Friends,
Like many Americans, we at the 1990 Institute are troubled by and condemn the recent racist remarks made regarding Dominic Ng, appointed by President Biden last year to be the chair of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Business Advisory Council, and Rep. Judy Chu (D-Calif.), the first Chinese American woman elected to Congress.
“East West Bank CEO Dominic Ng and Congressmember Judy Chu have served their country well and lived their American dreams. They have made our nation a more diverse and prosperous place to live and work, yet their integrity is being questioned by government officials pandering to unsubstantiated, fear-driven claims, and innuendos.
“We cannot sit idly by as the loyalty of Chinese Americans is put up for debate simply because it stirs interest at a time of global turbulence. Nor can we allow representatives in Congress to be belittled for standing up against prejudice. We join our communities, elected officials, and the Congressional Asian-Pacific American Caucus in demanding an immediate apology from those who have attacked the character of these two upstanding citizens. Whether intentions were xenophobic or not, they stoke xenophobic actions and should be held accountable.
“Over the past three years, we have seen a never-ending onslaught of anti-Asian discrimination and violence due to harmful and combative narratives about Chinese people and Chinese Americans. Equating individuals with the actions of their native or ancestral homeland is a recipe for conflict we have seen boil over time and time again. Let us not allow dangerous and troubled history to repeat itself.”
By 2025, a majority of states will have requirements in place for AAPI studies to be taught in schools. We invite middle and high school teachers to learn more about “Asian American Trailblazers in Civil Rights” at our special in-person Teachers Workshop in San Francisco on Wednesday, March 22. Registration is free. Please scroll down to our Spotlight section to learn more, see a trailer for our upcoming new educational video titled “Exclusion: The Shared Asian American Experience,” and learn how we’re kicking off Women’s History Month on New Asian American Voices.

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