Ding Ding TV reports from Santa Clara Town Hall with Assemblymember Evan Low and Congressman Ro Khanna

On Saturday, January 7th, 2023, Congressman Ro Khanna and Assemblymember Evan Low held Santa Clara Town Hall at the Buchser Middle School. The two met with constituents to answer their most pressing questions and discuss topics relevant to the community. Ding Ding TV was in the audience to report on the event.

One of the attendees wanted to discuss the unfairness of vaccine mandates and how people who are not vaccinated cannot work in healthcare, for example, or attend college.

Congressman Khanna said while he remains a strong supporter of the First Amendment, he respectively disagrees. Vaccines are scientifically proven to save millions of lives. Covid vaccines dramatically reduce the risk of hospitalization and death. Furthermore, he added while people are entitled to their opinions, he hopes people will go to scientific studies for information.

Assemblymember Evan Low spoke about the housing crisis. As he noted, the Governor cannot afford to live in this community, and he is the chief executive of the fourth largest economy in the world. He also said he is almost 40 and lives with his dad. But Low doesn’t expect anyone to feel sorry for him as a politician. He wants people to think about service workers, teachers, and others who cannot afford to live in the community. It is unacceptable. The real issue is the one of supply and demand. The community has to plan for growth and needs to get over the knee-jerk reaction of “just don’t build in my backyard.”

One of the attendees asked Evan Low about his website and the fact it has LGBTQ information listed. The attendee thought this information is not healthy for children. Evan Low spoke about California as a state of inclusion, not exclusion. He stressed the importance of recognizing common humanity.

Evan Low said: “I am sorry, but I can’t take away from who I am. I grew up in a time knowing what it was like to want to commit suicide. I was suicidal growing up, and I didn’t have role models. I was sad I couldn’t marry the person I love, donate blood, or be a Scout. It is my obligation to serve in this capacity and lead with love.”

He asked the audience: “If we don’t have the fundamental respect of love, how do we tackle the issues of equity, housing, healthcare, economy, and fundamental human rights?” He replied to the attendee he respected their opinion and their ability to ask a question like that in a public forum. But he welcomes the opportunity to hopefully change their heart.

Congressman Khanna expressed his support for Assemblymember Low and concluded our personal beliefs are irrelevant. Every person should have equality under the law. And most of what is available on Evan Low’s website is advocating for that equality.

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