2022 American Chinese Youth Performing Art Foundation Anniversary Thanksgiving Performance

At this special Thanksgiving season, Chinese American Youth Performing Art Foundation, ACYPA had an online performance to celebrate its first anniversary of the establishment and show gratitude to many organizations.

The performance was also supported by people from all walks of life around the world, including Ms. Florence Fang , the famous overseas Chinese leader, Mr. Kansen Chu , Chairman of the California city council, Ms.Teresa Huang, Deputy Mayor of Fremont, Ms. Xiaopei He, Chairman of the American Chinese Dancers Association, and President of Ding Ding TV Ms. Ding Weiping, Local News of Chinese, Friends of Overseas Chinese Federation, Sing Tao Daily and other major media, as well as friends from New Zealand, Canada, Denmark, Germany, Africa, China and other parts of the world, who all sent congratulatory letters and donations.

ACYPA is a non-profit foundation organized by a group of American youth students and approved by the federal USFG. Its mission is to build cultural exchange bridges, inherit the essence of all ethnicities, empower the youth to develop and improve their leadership and sense of responsibility, and enable them express themselves with confidence and pride for their respective nationalities.

Since its establishment, ACYPA has made many events and activities happen. In addition to the Grand Launching Ceremony held on September 26, 2021, it also included a 2021 Year End Online Performance, a 2022 Virtual Spring Festival Gala, a two-week 2022 Global Youth Charity Culture and Art Immersion Online Summer Camp, along with wonderful opening and closing ceremonies.

This Nov 24 Thanksgiving Online Performance is a showcase of the past summer program where our founding president Michelle Ahl, Program Director, JonathanSong andAmenda planned, instructed and hosted the entire camp lessons and events. The 12 masters and students from countries such as New Zealand, Canada and UK all came to celebrate with us online.

In addition, there was also a 5-episode documentary “Heritage Seeker” broadcast on Hunan Satellite TV International Channel in China. During pandemic, ACYPA bravely went out to assist the American Hunan Friendship Association to donate more than 12,000 masks and protective equipment to major hospitals, nursing homes, kindergartens and other institutions; in February this year, it also co-organized the second “I am a Descendant of Yanhuang” Chinese speech contest, and participated in the video recording of the first anti-Asian discrimination song “All of Us Belong Right Here” sponsored by Ding Ding TV in the Silicon Valley Bay Area.

ACYPA is calling more volunteers to participate the upcoming events and activities and contribute together to our great society, and we will help you grow and shine in performing arts and leadership. Pls also help the foundation financially by donating to ACTPA. We deeply appreciate your support as always!


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