Innovation Dialog with Lisa Gillmor, Mayor of Santa Clara and Candidate for Re-election

For the latest edition of Innovation Dialog Diana Ding interviewed Lisa Gillmor, the Mayor of Santa Clara and the Candidate for Re-election. Lisa spoke about how Santa Clara changed since her childhood and since her father was the first directly elected Mayor of Santa Clara. Diana wanted to know what are Lisa’s priorities as the Mayor, how is Santa Clara different from other cities in Silicon Valley, and what part of community outreach Lisa enjoys the most. The two spoke about how Santa Clara is dealing with Anti-Asian hate crimes, homelessness and budget issues. Lisa also spoke about the skills you need to have as the Mayor and why people should give her their vote.

Lisa Gillmor is a fourth-generation Santa Clara resident and prior to being the Mayor of Santa Clara, she has served two previous terms as Vice Mayor and City Council Member from 1992-2000 and 2012-2016. She has been a Realtor and Broker since 1982, specializing in residential and commercial real estate. Lisa has been involved in many areas of government, non-profit and public benefit organizations. She was a member of the Grand Jury, County Roads Commissioner, County Assessment Appeals Board Member, City Parks and Recreation Commissioner, Santa Clara University Board of Fellows Member and Board Member of the Mission City Community Fund.

Under Mayor Lisa Gillmor’s leadership, the City quickly mobilized during the COVID-19 pandemic and did more to help its residents than any other Bay Area city. Since she became Mayor in 2016, the City of Santa Clara has maintained its status as one of the safest communities in the state and nation.

Under her leadership, the City of Santa Clara has made key investments in traffic improvements. She supports balancing the need for new housing with preserving the quality of life of Santa Clara neighborhoods. During her tenure as the Mayor, Lisa Gillmor worked to support Santa Clara’s diverse, multicultural community.

To learn more about Lisa Gillmor, visit her campaign website.


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