CASPA Science and Engineering Fair Officially Kicked-Off!

CASPA Science and Engineering Fair Officially Kicked-Off!


CASPA, the largest organization of Chinese semiconductor professionals in the US, officially kicked off the 2022 Science and Engineering Fair on Jun 18th, 2022, Catherine Que, CO-Chair for SEF2022, was the host.

Dr. Lingzhi Liu, Chair for SEF2022, traced back the CASPA SEF original program, the CASPA Education day which started in 2012. Through one decade’s hard work from our CASPA volunteers and support from the speakers, judges  and sponsors, this event has grown from a half-day local event to a multi-session international event that attracts around a thousand of audiences across the world.

Today, the Science and Engineering Fair is a flag Event of CASPA, allows our community and their children to conduct an experiment of their own interests and gain hands-on learning experience including reading, writing, critical thinking, problem-solving, data analysis, and public speaking.

Ms. Paula Golden, president of the Broadcom Foundation, gave a keynote for the SEF2022 Kick off meeting. Paula strengthened, critical thinking is very important for the young generation to identify problems and find a way to solve them by using the science and engineering tools. Paula also highlighted the Raspberry Pi foundation’s cooperation with Broadcom Foundation to support many Science Fairs.

Dr. Dong Wei, ARM fellow and Lead Standards Architect, shared his journey to get into STEM and highly encourage the young generation to think more philosophically, to find real world problems and make use of STEM tools to resolve these problems.

Several Bay area educational organizations, X-camp Academy, Able2Shine, IVYMAX, Harmony Plus and 7EDU also shared the examples for getting STEM for the young generation and suggestions.

Lastly, Dr. Tony Xia, Vice President of CASPA, gave the details for the program.

Participants will divided by 3 groups by their grades –

Group 1: G1 – G5

Group 2: G6 – G8

Group 3: G9 – G12

The competition categories are Math,  Computer Science, Physics,  Engineering

Total Prize award is $900, Each Group  (award for each project)  will get as follows

1st  Place  $100 award (1x)

2nd Place   $50 award (2x)

3rd Place   $25 Award (4x)


Please Go to CASPA website to register the program https://caspa.com/caspa-2022-science-and-engineering-fair-registration/

Registration deadline: July 24, 2022

Upload Poster, YouTube, PPT and provide links by August 1, 2022


The theme of this year’s science fair is Protect the Environment Around Us. CASPA is partnering with ARM Education this year to show off two Microbit projects contestants can do, an Ocean Health Monitoring project for 11-14 year olds and an Oil-spill Cleaner-upper project for 14-16 years old.


More information can be found in their website: https://microbit.org/teach/lessons/healthy-oceans/

Points for all projects will be scored on a rubric and prizes will be given accordingly. In addition to this, all contestants will create a video of their project, and the most popular one will also receive a prize.

Running the fair requires a lot of volunteers. These volunteers will offer workshops every Saturday from 5 to 6 pm PST where they will answer questions and offer help on projects.

Meeting ID: 983 5597 3497, Passcode: 0QmNie

Hotline email: sef2022_volunteer@caspa.com

They will also create a proceeding summarizing the projects after the fair, count video statistics for the additional prize, promote the science fair by creating flyers and more.




科学与工程竞赛联合主席刘凌志回顾了往届SEF的精彩瞬间,2021届获奖者不仅有圣何塞当地的青少年,还有来自德州甚至远在中国的青少年。刘凌志提到,今年的参赛者们依然会被分为三个年龄段组,有物理、数学、计算机科学和工程学四类研究项目可供选择。今年新增设的“保护身边的环境”主题竞赛,将分为11-14岁青少年组的“海洋环境监测”主题,和14-16岁青少年组的“应对海洋石油泄漏”主题,由ARM Education提供Microbit电子设备(更多Microbit相关信息:https://microbit.org/teach/lessons/healthy-oceans/ )。SEF活动会由志愿者提供每周六5-6PM PST的线上研讨会来提供指导和答疑,会议信息如下:

Meeting ID: 983 5597 3497, Passcode: 0QmNie

Hotline email: sef2022_volunteer@caspa.com




作为本次活动的合作伙伴,Broadcom基金会主席宝拉·戈尔登(Paula Golden)强调,此次活动最看重的并不是孩子们对计算机科学知识的了解程度,而是他们对编程的兴趣与投入。宝拉称,没有STEM背景的父母不必担心无法对孩子进行引导,“志愿者们会提供专业的指导”,并鼓励父母加入进来,和孩子互动并一起学习。ARM公司院士兼标准架构负责人魏东称,“不是所有的项目都能成功,但我们不能让孩子害怕失败”。他还提到,“除了去做,孩子们也要学会表达他们的想法”。





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