Civic Leadership Forum – We’re All Americans!

We Are All Americans – Civic Leadership Forum Silicon Valley


America’s great ’cause we’re diverse

We hailed from every corner of our universe!

So let’s stay united and be of good cheer

All of us belong right here!


Date:     Saturday June 11, 2022

Time:    5pm -6pm

We host the Civic Leadership Forum, a dialog between communities when anti-Asian racism and gun violence continue to rise. This topic will be “We Are All Americans”

As our country is getting more divided, we are losing sight of what makes our country great. We are a country of immigrants, collectively creating the American Dream with the best and the brightest from around the world.  As we are getting more xenophobic and intolerant of newcomers, we are losing our competitive edge with the rest of our world. In a time when anti-Asian racism and gun violence continue to rise, we are calling on our community members to come together to demand systemic changes, build bridges through understanding, and appreciate and embrace our differences. Please join by emailing to: Sandy@dingdingtv.com






Lily Mei

Mayor of Fremont



Raymond A. Buenaventura, 

Daly City Vice Mayor




Yang Shao

Fremont Council Member




Sheng Thao

Oakland Councilmember



Nancy Tung

Deputy District Attorney

Alameda County District Attorney’s Office



Louis Lam 

President of American TeoChow Foundation




Joel Wong

President, National Asia American PAC





Diana Ding

Founder of Silicon Valley Community Media and Ding Ding TV




Civic Leadership Forum was started by Mr. Sandy Chau, a well-respected philanthropist, and the founder of Civic Leadership USA, and is presented by Silicon Valley Community Media Ding Ding TV since 2017. Over 1500 students, community leaders, parents, and elected officials have participated. The contents from the forums have reached 200,000 people in Silicon Valley Bay area and the United States. The forum provided a platform to empower civic engagement and civic leadership in the Asian American communities while creating a national network of civic-minded organizations and leaders to work in unity. More: http://www.dingdingtv.com/?p=39446



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