Greeting from VIPs and Guests

2022  California Small Business Forum and Workshop

 — Helping Small Businesses win government contracts


How to do business with the state of California?

How to win Government Contracts among competitors?

How can I benefit from  California SBA Funding Programs for Small Business?

President Biden’s $1.2 Trillion Infrastructure Bill presents a golden opportunity for Small Businesses, especially Asian-owned businesses. However, it takes special knowledge and preparation for small businesses to get a foothold in government contracting. We create this Forum and workshop to help Business Communities to win government contracts.

With speakers from the State of California Department of General Services Office of Small Business and DVBE Services / Procurement Division, California Infrastructure and Economic Development Bank, CBC, and Minority Business Development Agency (MBDA), 2022 California Small Business Forum and Workshop on Thursday, May 26th will be on Zoom for free, providing training in government contracting to AAPI and Ethnic -owned small business owners.


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