The daughter of Vietnam War refugees, Stephanie Nguyen is Running for State Assembly!


Stephanie Nguyen has fought to bring economic opportunity, health equity and social justice to the families whose lives are impacted most by these issues.

As an Executive Director of a local non-profit organization, Stephanie works with employers to provide paid on-the-job training to dislocated workers. Critical for building a healthy community, Stephanie also helps low-income individuals and families enroll in health coverage plans. As a member of the Elk Grove City Council, Stephanie draws from her experience in business and finance to help the city develop economically by supporting businesses thereby increasing jobs. 

We need a community trailblazer like Stephanie to lead our region towards economic recovery by making resources available to those who need them most, expanding opportunities for businesses and working families, and making insightful and effective policy changes to improve the lives of all residents in the Assembly District 10.



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