Jiawei Liu

The first Chinese expert endowed Transpersonal Psychology practice and Acting. A Chinese actor,director and author who has already got a Bachelor Degree of Drama Acting from Shanghai Theater Academy, a Master degree of theater directing from Moscow State University of Culture and Arts, a second Master Degree in Multimedia Communications from the academy of art university in San Francisco and Ph.D. of the Transpersonal psychology program of Sofia University. Head of the center for the study of psychological drama at Sofia University. Director of the north California Chinese arts and drama association. Honorary President of the American statuette film festival. Consultant, Kids Intercultural Development Society in the bay area.

His professional works include “Tutorials of the language of Drama Acting and Directing”Xinjiang Art Photography Publishing House; “On The Stage”, the United States published in Visuals Press. Director works include “saints Confucius”, the original: Zhang Guangtian; “flies”, the original: Sartre; screenwriter, director of the drama “Moving” and “At The playground”. Starred in the drama works “Paradise wind chimes”, “Gadfly”, “resurrection”, “original sin”, “East House West Room”, “thunderstorm”, “secret love Peach Blossom Spring” “rainy summer”, “playing wild duck”, ” Dream “,” Hamlet “,” Othello “,” Macbeth “,” martial arts “. Director of the documentary “The Making of Drama” which was participated in the 2014 “San Francisco International New Concept Film Festival” and won the best documentary director award. Liu currently lives in Fremont Bay Area.


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