2021 National Civic Leadership Forum

2021 National Civic Leadership Forum

As the clock is ticking, we are inching closer to the NCLF conference scheduled for next Friday Sept 24 (5 pm- 7:30 pm) and Sat Sept 25 (11 am – 6:30 pm).

We will be introducing the flyers of different breakout sessions with our entertainment previews each day as we count down towards the conference.  there is no public link for the conference all participants are required to register for this FREE event.
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Unity Through Inclusion – AAPI Representation and Equality – 

Empowering Asian American Pacific Islanders (AAPI) to work together to articulate their issues and apprehensions is the goal of this breakout session. It can be done by electing people who can speak about the issues and are also dedicated to public service. They not only speak about the concerns of the community but can also highlight the positive contributions of AAPI communities. With this goal in mind, of achieving representation and equality in treatment, AAPI communities want to dialogue how they can achieve their American dream of belonging to this land and full acceptance by mainstream America.

Unity Through healing – AAPI Leading in Racial Harmony: Stand Up and Speak Out

  • Racial conflicts in America had a long history of ebbs and flows, resulting in a continuous social unrest, especially during challenging times such as the current pandemic. Is there any solution to end the racial disharmony?  Are there any possibilities to end the hostility in the racial relationship in America? 

  • This panel discussion will explore the Past & Present situations of issues & challenges; explore the possibility of unifying different ethnic groups; and the creation of racial harmony through the speaker’s own positive experiences of working together for the common good.

Unity Through Contribution – AAPI Contributions

  • to recognize the contribution by the AAPI community in the United States。

  • The leaders in the community that stand in solidarity of the Asian community during the pandemic. 

  • Confirm the contribution of Asian Americans to the United States and how Asians play a core role in the rapid development of the United States. 

  • History, present and future challenges to Asians in the United States.

Music Erases All Racial And Cultural Boundaries

You are going to enjoy music and dance in an hour-long entertainment segment after the closing ceremony on Saturday, September 25, 2021. We are sharing a small part what is planned. As the count down begins you will get more in smaller segments every day:

More Indian Dances – join the conference to enjoy entertainment. This is only a part of the entertainment.
There are two dance schools that offer Indian traditional classical style as well as fusion of classical and Bollywood film, and folk styles of dances for their students and they will be participating in the cultural program. Natyamargam School founder, teacher and creative director is Indrani Davaluri.

Natya Margam was founded in 2015 as a result of Guru Smt. Indrani’s hard work and creative force. Natya Margam relies on the principles of hard work, discipline, dedication, education and preservation of classical Indian dance forms. Guru Smt. Indrani is particularly interested in assimilating Bharatnatyam into modern American arts and society.
Ms. Davaluri has acted in films in India and has given performances in India as well as in the United States and is currenting producing a film for Netflix. Rhythmaya Dance School owner, Creative Director, and teacher is Nirathi Rao Kalavapudi.

Rhythmaya Dance School was started in 2005 by Nirathi Rao with a vision of spreading her passion and love for Indian dance styles. Growing from humble beginnings, Rhythmaya’s first Bollywood classes were hosted in Nirathi’s garage and basement. Every year, Nirathi saw an increase of students and Rhythmaya Dance really started to expand. Rhythmaya Dance now has 6 locations, 25 experienced instructors and 300+ wonderful students. A few years after starting, Shelia Oak joined the ranks and there was no stopping Rhythmaya Dance.

Twenty-five-member symphony – join the conference to enjoy entertainment. This is only a part of the entertainment.
Enjoy the lovely symphonic music by the Minnesota Sinfonia Orchestra playing Mozart Symphony N0. 41, “Jupiter Movement IV, allegro molto and visual treat prepared by Mr. George Werl.

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