Asian Americans Network @ Clubhouse – Hope for Our Future

Asian Americans Network @ Clubhouse – Hope for Our Future, with Gloria Young, Member of the Board of Directors, Institute for Cultural Engagement

Date: October 5th, 2021 @ 6:30pm-7:30pm Pacific

Clubhouse Link: https://www.clubhouse.com/event/xlablzdz

Organizers: Ding Ding TV     Metering Club

Will open Q&A to the audience.
Topic: Hope for our future

Our topic is: “Hope for Our Future”. Gloria will open and lead our conversation covering our submersion in social media, sensational news and misinformation; our desperate need to avoid causing further pain and distress to each other; and our duty to hold our legislators accountable on important issues. Reaching across our divides, we can work together to leave a legacy of hope.



President of Young and Lamay Associates, providing dispersed team collaboration and organizational knowledge capture. Her clients include municipalities, public-private partnerships, and private organizations; and she trained them in leadership; diversity, equity and inclusion,; organizational development; and capturing critical businesses processes. Gloria’s experience spans state, county, and city government. She was an elected School Board Member for 13 years; served on numerous boards; and has received state and local recognition.










Hong Nguyen-Phuong is an Amazon international best-selling Author (several months starting February 2020) in the business and leadership categories. He has spoken on technology-based disruption and agility at local chapters of the Project Management Institute, Silicon Valley Engineering Leadership Community, and CIO Vietnam. A veteran of Silicon Valley hi-tech, in project management and market development roles, Hong teaches software project management and enterprise agility at UCSC Silicon Valley. In the time of COVID-19, Hong’s focus has centered around remote and online facilitation and engagement, lifelong learning and skilling.


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