Jason Lin

Jason Lin

Jason Lin is a self-taught aspiring filmmaker. For seven years, he has produced videos for academic studies, fundraisers, documentaries, and school events. His recent work (Cmd-Del: Technology’s Damaging Effect on Democracy), created with Amar Karoshi and Sara Yen, investigates the dangerous interplay of social media and democracy with interviews from Andrew Yang, David Greene (Electronic Frontier Foundation), and Alastair Mactaggart (main proponent behind California Consumer Privacy Act). This film was broadcasted on C-SPAN after winning their StudentCam contest. Aside from filmmaking, Jason also enjoys debating, picking up hobbies, and exploring cutting edge technologies. He will be heading to Stanford as a freshman in the fall.

Here is some more information about the C-SPAN competition: http://studentcam.org/GrandPrize-HarkerSchool.htm




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