Asian Americans Network – Dr. Xiaoyan Zhang

Asian Americans Network @ Clubhouse – Civic Leadership and the Future of AAPI Community, with Xiaoyan Zhang, Ph.D.

Date: July 27th, 2021 @ 4:30pm-5:30pm Pacific

Clubhouse Link: https://www.clubhouse.com/event/MO2RgVzX



Xiaoyan Zhang, Ph.D.

Dr. Xiaoyan Zhang is an entrepreneur, and consultant to companies and executives, currently serving as Chairman of the Board of Mosaix Software. His many services to the community include:

  • Chairman of the Board, United Chinese Americans (UCA)
  • Chair, Public Relations Committee, Asian American Unity Coalition (AAUC)
  • Program Chair, 2020 National Civic Leadership Forum (NCLF)
  • Co-Chair, Planning Committee, 2021 National Civic Leadership Forum (NCLF)


TopicCivic Leadership and the Future of AAPI Community

We in America are immigrants or descendants of immigrants, who came in pursuit of the American Dream. That pursuit compels us to ask: “What are the opportunities for me and my family?”, and “How safe will it be for me and my family?”. Since its founding, America has been portrayed as the beacon for democracy: a transparent participatory government with peaceful transitions.

How can we now mature from “Individual” to a “Collective American Dream”, through a transparent, participatory, peaceful evolution using the American democratic process?

At 4:30 p.m. PST on Tuesday, July 27, 2021, join us on Clubhouse to share and learn from each other.


  • What is the American Dream, and what is its importance and to whom?
  • What are the realities of the American Dream?
  • How has the American Dream evolved, and how is it now?
  • What is American democracy, and what is its importance and to whom?
  • How can we relate the American Dream to American democracy?
  • What constitutes a “collective” American Dream?



Hong Nguyen-Phuong is an Amazon international best-selling Author (several months starting February 2020) in the business and leadership categories. He has spoken on technology-based disruption and agility at local chapters of the Project Management Institute, Silicon Valley Engineering Leadership Community, and CIO Vietnam. A veteran of Silicon Valley hi-tech, in project management and market development roles, Hong teaches software project management and enterprise agility at UCSC Silicon Valley. In the time of COVID-19, Hong’s focus has centered around remote and online facilitation and engagement, lifelong learning and skilling.


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