Asian Americans Network @ Clubhouse – Kimberly Wiefling

Asian Americans Network @ Clubhouse

Date: May 11th, 2021 @ 6:30pm-7:30pm


Kimberly Wiefling

Founder of Wiefling Consulting, Bestselling author, Co-Founder of Silicon Valley Alliances, Possibilities People, and more…

Kimberly Wiefling has extensive experience in the R&D and manufacturing of complex systems of hardware, software, firmware, chemistry and physics. She’s held leadership positions ranging from NPI Program Manager to VP of Program Management & Organizational Effectiveness for a Xerox Parc spinoff, and has helped companies from startups to Global 1000 successfully grow and – more importantly – SCALE.

Kimberly enables leaders to avoid or fix the most common causes of failure in global teams, problems that damage or destroy companies, along with $Bs in shareholder value. A physicist by education, she has found that many of these are “human” problems that don’t require “rocket science”. All that’s required to achieve a significant positive impact in many cases is to make common sense into common PRACTICE.

DEEP EXPERIENCE in GLOBAL COMPANIES. Kimberly has worked in the US, Europe & Asia, primarily with culturally diverse groups of employees in globalizing Japanese companies. Her superpower is bringing people with diverse backgrounds, cultures & styles together, connecting them across borders, boundaries & barriers of every kind, to achieve what seems impossible, but is merely difficult, and which none could achieve alone.


Topic:  “What’s Possible Commitment”

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Hong Nguyen-Phuong

Hong Nguyen-Phuong is an Amazon international best-selling Author (several months starting February 2020) in the business and leadership categories. He has spoken on technology-based disruption and agility at local chapters of the Project Management Institute, Silicon Valley Engineering Leadership Community, and CIO Vietnam. A veteran of Silicon Valley hi-tech, in project management and market development roles, Hong teaches software project management and enterprise agility at UCSC Silicon Valley. In the time of COVID-19, Hong’s focus has centered around remote and online facilitation and engagement, lifelong learning and skilling.




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