Upcoming Deadlines for AAJA’s Scholarships and Internship Opportunities

Upcoming Deadlines for AAJA’s Scholarships and Internship Opportunities

Students, don’t miss out on these scholarships and opportunities. Many scholarships close on April 21. Make sure you apply ahead of time!

AAJA National Internship AAJA National Office is looking for a 2021 Summer intern. This internship offers a foray into a nonprofit space that aims to uplift and contribute to journalism, which provides hands-on experience supporting online events and project management. DEADLINE: APRIL 30

CIC/Anna Chennault Scholarship provides $5,000 financial assistance to student’s college education. This scholarship encourages students to pursue journalism as a career and will receive travel, lodging and registration to attend AAJA’s annual convention. There is also an opportunity to be paired with a professional mentor. DEADLINE: APRIL 21

Two Broadcast News Internship Grants, the Sam Chu grant and Lloyd LaCuesta grant, support Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders pursuing journalism careers in broadcasting. The grants give awardees a chance of up to $1,000 toward summer internship expenses. DEADLINE: APRIL 21

The Mary Quon Moy Ing Memorial Scholarship provides financial assistance of up to $2,000 to currently enrolled college students or graduating high school seniors pursuing journalism as a career. Please only apply if your tuition costs or student loans exceed $2,000. DEADLINE: APRIL 21

The Stanford Chen Internship Grant provides stipend towards living expenses and transportation cost for students who have already secured a summer internship. DEADLINE: APRIL 21

The Vincent Chin Memorial Scholarship is available to student journalists for writing about the legacy of Vincent Chin in essay form. It provides $1500 to current students committed to journalism and photography. DEADLINE: APRIL 21
The William Woo Print and Online News Internship Grant supports AIPIs pursuing journalism careers in print and online news. Awardees will receive $2,000 each to defray living costs. DEADLINE: APRIL 21

The Getty Images Inclusion Scholarship is for a university student focused on visual journalism. It reinforces our organization’s commitment to promoting diversity and inclusion within the editorial photography industry and journalism more broadly. DEADLINE: May 20

The Facebook Journalism Project Scholarship offers financial assistance to students who aspire to pursue a career in journalism and media. Five awardees will receive $10,000 each to use toward their college tuition. DEADLINE: MAY 29


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