03/24 Stand together for a nation free of violent racism and misogyny

The yellow safety vest was worn by protesters protesting against oppressive establishment policies. Let’s all wear yellow safety vests this Wed, 3/24/2021, to protest systemic institutional racism and misogyny in our establishments.
Yellow vests are worn by public service workers who build our community and as a way to keep themselves and others safe. It is a way to watch out for each other. This is the signal we want to convey for those being disenfranchised because of their skin color, facial features, gender choice, religion, age, or sex. We will stand with the disenfranchised and fight for your safety! We will not be dehumanized!
Stand together for a nation free of violent racism and misogyny.
Please share. Spread the word.
Wayne J. Lee
Recovering Politician
San Mateo County
Asian Pacific Islanders Caucus
Past President
Asian Pacific Islanders Caucus
California League of Cities
President Millbrae Lions Club
Former Council Member
City of Millbrae 2011-2020
Former Mayor 2015/2019


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