Celebrating 2021 Lunar New Year at Cupertino Rotary Club

2021 Lunar New Year Program  
Diana Ding, who will be celebrating her 10th new year as a Rotarian hosted the Chinese New Year celebrations. Check out the full program video here.
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Louisa  Roberts shared 7 lucky foods for the new year – Fish, Dumplings, Spring Rolls for wealth, Rice Cakes for Income and promotion, Sweet Rice balls for family togetherness, Longevity noodles for happiness, and finally, “golden” fruit for fullness and wealth.
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Sandy Chau & PP Hsing Kung demonstrated their Chinese calligraphy skills.
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Xin Zhang played a western musical piece on the Erhu, popularly known as the Chinese violin. Xin comes from a very musical family and started playing the Erhu at a very early age.
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