Opening of ” I Love My Community” Youth Video News Competition Award Ceremony

” I Love My Community” Youth Video News Competition Award Ceremony

Date:January 10th, 2021

2020 is a very unusual year for our country and for everyone one of us, an economic disaster on top of a health pandemic. Many of us cannot go to work or attend school and over one-quarter of a million of our citizens have lost their lives. During this difficult time, we want to inspire and uplift each other with messages of love and hope, encourage our next generations to tell stories of extraordinary acts of love, and share their love and devotion for our community through video essays.

Ding Ding TV (Silicon Valley Innovation Channel and Voice of Asian Americans) together with BayArea Youth Initiative and community partners are hosting the “I Love our Community” Video News Competition to bring the stories of love and inspiration to our community and simultaneously acknowledge and honor our next-generation creators.


Silicon Valley Innovation Channel – Ding Ding TV

BayArea Youth Initiative


CLUSA,  National Asian American United,  Bilingual Youth TV,  Ethnic Media, APAPA, Galaxy art for children, Able2Shine,  Chunhui Art School, Youth For Change, Rotary Club Cupertino


Diana Ding, Chair of Event

Jason Shan, Co-Chair of Event

Joel Wong, Chair of Judge

Sandy Wang, Executive Chair of Event

Liyan Zhao, Co-Executive Chair of Event

Judy Zhu, Chair of Contestants

Joseph Shan, Chair of Contents

Emma Tu, Chair of Promotion


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