Award Ceremony Live, I Love My Community Youth Video News Competition

1st Prize: A Different Angle by Ethan Cheng   http://www.dingdingtv.com/?p=69448
2nd Prize:  Bring Joy with Music by Etta Sou  http://www.dingdingtv.com/?p=69457
                            Our Love Michelle Ahi http://www.dingdingtv.com/?p=69501
3rd Prize: Super Joey Foundation: Love will Never Fade! by Sophia Shao  http://www.dingdingtv.com/?p=69373
Shine4Love Senior Center Show by Alicia Peng  http://www.dingdingtv.com/?p=69646
              We Will Push Harder by Christine Han  http://www.dingdingtv.com/?p=69540
Viewer’s Choice: Kindness is a choice by Grace Wu  http://www.dingdingtv.com/?p=69543
Here is the agenda for tomorrow

I Love Community Video News Competition Award Ceremony

    Agenda Jan. 10th, 2021     1:00~2:30pm

1:00~1:06 Play Partners greeting video by Liyan

1:06~1:10 Youth committee members open the event. Youth Chair Jason Shan Speech

1:10~1:13 Chair of Event Diana Ding short speech

1:13~1:25 Chair of Judges Joel Wong short speech.

                 Each judge to speak for 2 minutes.

1:25~1:30 Recognize Partners and attendees by Jason Emma, Joseph

1:30~1:33 Joel Wong, the chair of judges, announce the winners.

                Viewer’s choice, 3rd prize, 2nd prize, 1st prize

1:33~1:53 Watch winning videos, Winner’s acceptance speeches

1:53~2:20 Award presenters/VIP speech –

Otto Lee, Yan Zhao, Liang Chao, Chris Norwood, Jeff Moe, CC Yin, Sandy Chau

2:20~2:25 Wrap up the event by committee members
Take a group picture.

“COVID-19 will not define my generation., what I do in response will. I love my community.  Together, we are stronger.” Chris said at the event

On Jan. 10th 1 p.m. PST, Ding Ding TV and Bay Area Youth Initiative (BAYouth) held the award ceremony for the first ever “I Love My Community” youth video news competition through Zoom. The competition was hosted over a three week period where youths could submit their videos that exemplified their love for their community in a storytelling fashion. The “I Love My Community” planning committee consisted of:

Jason Shan,
youth event chair
Emma Tu,
youth chair of promotion
Joseph Shan,
youth chair of contents
Judy Zeng,
youth chair of contestants
Diana Ding,
Event chair
Sandy Wang,
co-executive chair
Liyan Zhao,
co-executive chair

After a brief welcome from each committee member, chair of judges Joel Wong described the judging guidelines as follows: the inspirational and uplifting content category was weighted 40%, the storyline category was 30%, creativity was given 20%, and production/technical skills was 10%. Each judge reviewed and scored all submitted videos to generate the top 6 video winners, and one viewer’s choice winner would go to the video with the most number of likes. The judges for this competition were all asked to share their thoughts. They are:

  • Joel Wong, President of NAAUnited (National Asian American United), Editor In Chief, CLUSA (Civic Leadership USA). National Governing Board member, APAPA (Asian Pacific Islander American Public Affairs Association)

  • Sandy Close, Founder of Ethnic Media Service, a pioneer in developing youth media

  • Hung Wei, Cupertino City Council Member, Board Member and past Board President, Fremont Union High School Foundation

  • Praveen Gupta, Mentor of Youth Innovation Program; Lecturer, Lucas College and Graduate School of Business of San Jose State University. Author of several award-winning books.

  • Orrin Mahoney, Former Mayor of Cupertino, District governor of Rotary Club, Board Member at Santa Clara County Fairgrounds.

  • Carl Shan, Cofounder of Teenager Coach Program: Orenda, Senior Scientist at LinkedIn

Joel Wong Sandy Close Hung Wei Orrin Mahoney
Praveen Gupta Carl Shan

The partners of the “I Love My Community” competition who sponsored students to participate in our event are Bilingual Youth TV, Chunhui Art Academy, Galaxy Art for Children, Able2Shine, with special thanks to the contest’s other sponsors, Civic Leadership USA, National Asian American United, and Asian Pacific Islander American Public Affairs.


The competition had 7 winners in total, with 1 viewer’s choice winner, 3 third place winners, 2 second place winners, and 1 first place winner. Third place winners and the viewer’s choice winner will each receive $100; second place winners will receive $200; and the first place winner will receive $300. The winners are as follows:

  • First place: Ethan Cheng: A Different Angle

    Second place: Michelle Ahl: Our Love

    Second place: Etta Sou: Bring Joy with Music

    Third place: Sophia Shao: Super Joey Foundation: Love will Never Fade!

    Third place: Alicia Peng: Shine4Love Senior Center Show

    Third place: Christine Han: We Will Push Harder


    Viewer’s choice: Grace Wu: Kindness is a choice


Aside from the aforementioned awards, participation awards and awards of excellence were also given. Each participant will receive a drone and an official certificate.


After the announcement of the winners, each winner’s video was played, and they shared their thanks.


Next, VIPs were invited to speak. Each are prominent community figures and heavily involved in helping the youth:

Otto Lee, Santa Clara County supervisor Yan Zhao, Mayor of Saratoga
Liang Chao, Vice Mayor of Cupertino Chris Norwood, Milpitas Unified School District Board of Trustees president
Jeff Moe, Fremont Union High School Board Sandy Chau, Chairman of CLUSA
CC Yin, Founder of APAPA

Concluding the event, each member of the planning committee gave their closing remarks, and a group gallery picture was taken.


Ding Ding TV and BAYouth are incredibly thankful to the partners who made this event possible, the judges for their tireless work, the youth for their thoughtfulness in giving back to the community, and the audience members that were able to tune in to the award ceremony.

Watch the Live Award Ceremony:


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