Front Liners at Work: Rachel Chen by Dennis Han

Video submitted by Dennis Han, age 15:

As we continue to pursue our journeys in life, we meet obstacles once in a while. One big jump we all as a community have to make is the “Great Lockdown,” which is also known as COVID-19. With working from home to wearing PPE and helping patients, we are all at a disadvantage when improving. I want to honor and recognize the front liner nurses that are working their lives off. My mom, Rachel Chen, has been a nurse for the ICU and has to work almost every day for 12 hours. Put your minds into a nurse. Looking at hundreds of patients on harsh beds and ventilators while in tight uniforms and a hard time breathing can get really exhausting. Many nurses are fighting for their community’s lives, not for the income or the money they are earning. As we continue to live our lives and pursue our own career, we should think about others in our community that continue to help us as we continue to foster together as a community.


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