BRI–Connecting Communities with Love by BRI Youth

We are BRI Youth group, 12-18 years old.

On Christmas Eve 2020, twenty members of BRI Youth Group went to the Fremont Tri-City Valley Food Bank to volunteer at the Food Drive Thru. The members loaded each car with a chicken, a carton of almond milk, a bag of groceries, and a stuffed animal. Later, they added bread, potatoes, pastries, flowers, and Christmas gifts for the kids. The members served over 400 families in need. Under the pandemic conditions, the students sent a sumptuous Christmas dinner to people in need to bring warm wishes to people during the cold winter. Besides this, BRI Youth members made thousands of face shields, face masks, and nurse caps by hand to support front-line medical workers during the pandemic.

As stay-at-home continued, they have taught online classes to over 300 elementary and middle school students, donated to firefighters during the wildfires and to the homeless, and done more to support their community.

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  1. It is really great during these troubled times that these young people are doing such great things to help others less fortunate in the community!

    Thank you for making the extra effort and setting such an excellent example for all of us!

  2. Watching this video has touched me! These students are working so hard even during the holiday season, to give back to their communities. They’re even sewing masks by hand to help protect everyone during the coronavirus pandemic. Thank you BRI Youth!

  3. So glad to see so many young faces showed up in the various events! This community has become better because you’ve made it warmer for the people that are in need.
    And kudos to the organizers, as well! In this extremely challenging period, you are able to keep these kids well grounded by engaging them with the real world, and not letting them merely immersed and lost in the virtual world.

  4. I see the happiness of these BRI Youth students while they are serving their community. Whether they are helping the homeless, volunteering at local events, or supporting essential workers to fight against the COVID pandemic, they are always full of sunshine and positive energy.

  5. Well done, BRI Youth! Great job on the filming for this video, too.
    In addition to this foodbank event, it is amazing to see the huge variety of events that they do, ranging from teaching young students, to holding online talks and concerts, to running donation drives for those in need. Their wholehearted efforts and incredible accomplishments give us hope for the year to come!

  6. What an amazing and heart-warming youth volunteer team! We really appreciate BRI youth for their continued efforts to provide high quality online classes, donations to hospitals and essential workers, and support to the families in need in our community during this pandemic crisis

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