What does Community mean to me by Anish Lakkapragada

My name is Anish Lakkapragada, a freshman from Lynbrook High School.

To me community is that feeling that an army of people is there to pick you up when you need it and chip in when it matters most. Unfortunately, due to lockdown cherished communities have weakened. Ever since 7th grade I knew I had a burning passion for financial literacy. My school was fortunate to have a financial literacy class, but I knew that it wasn’t like that for everyone.

Last summer I decided to step up by teaching a class on personal finance for 6 weeks over weekends. I was humbled by the wide range of students who wanted to learn – ranging from 4th graders to seniors heading off to college. Everyone learnt something about investing and how it works. It was a big step in the right direction for everyone to see how they could achieve a stable future.


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