Every Community Makes a difference – Small or Big by Adhya Kasamsetty

Hi, my name is Adhya Kasamsetty, I am 14 years old and today I’m going to talk about why I love my community. Our community is so small and secluded and out of the way. Usually I’m watching the big things from a distance, reading and observing.

But recently I got to be a part of it. A couple Months ago there was a Black Lives Matter protest, right here in Cupertino. And that really took me by surprise, knowing that we were so far away from the main center of where it was happening and just generally we are just a small city/community. And I didn’t expect that many people to even show up because we are so small I thought people might think showing up wouldn’t even make a difference.

However I was overwhelmed as I saw hundreds of people at the protest, rallying together to stand in support of our black brothers and sisters. It was so cool to see my community rise up like that and it was amazing to be a part of it. I feel very proud to be in a community who would stand for what they believe in, and it’s not about publicity or how many people would show up, but it’s about each person doing what is right.

This community I think I know so well finds new ways to surprise me everyday, and I absolutely love it. I love my community.


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