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Think for Yourself Scholarship
Celebrate your independent thinking with a powerful personal essay.
Let Grow will award one $5,000 and three $1,000 college scholarships to U.S. high school students who exemplify independence of thought in their everyday lives.


  • Students choose from a series of intriguing prompts to describe a life experience or issue that made them think independently.


  • Explore themes like taking an unpopular stand, overcoming adversity, or finding common ground with someone you disagree with.
This scholarship is available for students to use for all forms of higher education, including trade schools and four-year colleges.
Which essay prompt are you responding to?*
  • When has free speech been important to you in high school?
  • In earlier eras, kids would respond to playground taunts with, “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me.” This response is less popular today, but maybe you have used it. If so, how? And would you recommend it to others?Choice
  • Some people say young people should be shielded from controversial books, ideas or speakers, because these could be traumatizing or offensive. Who − if anyone − would you choose to decide what you could be exposed to? Why?
  • Please write a thank you note to a jerk you listened to…and learned something from (though perhaps you didn’t think so at the time).
  • Write about a time you realized you and your friend disagreed about something important — other than the 2016 election. What did it take to remain friends?
  • Write about a time when something you said was misinterpreted as cruel or awful: What happened? How did you resolve it?
  • Write about a time you could have taken offense at something someone said about you or an issue, but decided not to.
  • Write about a time you didn’t speak up, or almost didn’t, for fear your idea might be unpopular. What did you learn from this and would you do the same thing again?
  • What was the book, TV show or movie that opened you to a different way of seeing things? How?
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Essays should be no longer than 800 words, and not shorter than 500 words. We recommend you first compose your essay in word processing software such as Google Docs or Microsoft Word before using this form.
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