Giving Back to the Homeless: Paul Thai by Emily Zhang

Video submitted by Emily Zhang, age 16, from the Bay Area Youth Initiative:

Paul is an active member of our community who directly donates socks, shirts, backpacks, and more to those who are homeless. He began to help those in need thirty years ago at a soup kitchen where he provided homeless people with food. Today, he continues to contribute to the homlessness crisis in our society, a problem that puts over 500,000 people in the U.S. alone unsheltered. Paul chooses to take action in this crisis because he feels compassionate about those without homes.

This video allows people to recognize Paul’s actions and demonstrates how, as Paul says, “even the small scales that you do… still make a big impact.” Hopefully, this introduction inspires others to help with this ongoing problem because those in need still belong in our community. Similar to how Paul helps those less fortunate, similar actions that we bring to spread kindness will reveal our love for the community.


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