We Love Our Community by Carolina Xue and Saaniya Patwardhan

Video submitted by Carolina Xue and Saaniya Patwardhan, ages 15, from the Galaxy Art Group:

Tenth graders Carolina Xue and Saaniya Patwardhan from the Bay Area tell the story of health worker Helen Niu who is doing her part for our community. Niu is a certified CT and memo technologist who has been working in the field since before the start of the pandemic. Her job is to perform CT scans for both routine and emergency inpatients and outpatients. There are many risks of simply going outside to work during the pandemic, and going to work at a hospital is even more dangerous. Because of this, people must wear personal protective equipment, or PPE, in order to increase the safety of themselves as well as others around them. Health workers such as Niu risk their safety in order to help our community in working to stop the pandemic. Stories such as Niu’s show how people are doing their part in showing love to our community.


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