We Will Push Harder by Christine Han

Video submitted by Christine Han, Age 15, from the Galaxy Art Group:

With more time on hand due to the pandemic, I wanted to do something productive. I always look back on my breaks and vacations with regret, thinking I should have done more, so I no longer want to waste my days on the bed. Health and community became vital during the pandemic so what better activity is there than bonding through exercise and mutual support?

Using positive influence, the participants of our event indirectly encouraged each other to do well and to do more. People progressed from walking to hiking, from hiking to biking. Each photo I received was an insight into the stranger and his/her life.

While the coronavirus has damaged much of the world it has also united us together. As a community, we pushed harder to fight the common enemy. Silicon Valley Innovation Channel Ding Ding TV. The Voice of Silicon Valley Asian Americans. Silicon Valley Co-Production Working Space.


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