Hope despite despair by Alex Li

My Name is Alex Li, I am 14 years old.

The Covid-19 crisis has not only taken control of our learning and working environments, but also taken control of the way our hospitals have to operate. All over the country, hospitals and senior centers are having shortages of essential equipment such as masks and ventilators. An organization, Burn Running, is bringing this problem to light. Through this pandemic, Burn Running has organized multiple equipment donations and fundraisers to support these facilities.

Burn has donated over twenty eight thousand pieces of personal protective equipment and have donated to over 50 hospitals and senior centers. Burn plans to continue to fundraise and donate to facilities in need. When I heard about this, I was deeply touched by their devotion to helping others. Organizations and people like Burn are what keep our country safer and improve the world and I think it is important that people see this.

I hope that this strikes compassion in people and influence others to donate and help local facilities.


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