Preetal Deshpande’s Love for Community

My name is Preetal Deshpande, I am 15 years old.

My community plays an important role in nurturing my life. It is my responsibility to give back to the community. My goal is to use my passion and skills to help those who are in need. During this pandemic, it’s more important than ever to prioritize mental health. Hence, I conducted Meditation and Breathing exercise classes for teens and seniors in the community.

I built “Helping-Hand”, a mental wellness tool for teens to express their emotions easily and receive help. In addition, I raised and donated $6,000 to Sewa, a non-profit organization for California wildfire victims. I also collected 350 pounds of dry food and donated it to the local food bank to help feed the needy in our community. My robotics and coding passion inspired me to initiate an online program to teach STEM skills to more than 200 under-privileged K-8th grade kids during COVID-19 lockdown, ultimately helping reduce the STEM education gap in our society. Volunteering helps me meet new like minded people and learn new skills.

It makes me happy and elevates my personal growth.

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  1. Preetal, your willingness to help others is exceptional. Your volunteer work at Robotics For All, Sewa USA and Girls Scout is much appreciated . God bless you.


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