Keeping People Safe In a Harsh Lockdown by Faye Lin

I am Faye Lin, 14 years old.

Lately, London has seen a faster spreading variant of coronavirus, causing England to shut down again. Citizens will not be able to leave their house unless it is something urgent. People are trying to escape before they’re unable to leave their own houses. However, this will spread the new coronavirus, which will endanger everyone. I’ve been thinking about how this could affect people in the Bay Area, and how they’d react. Would they run away too, or would they stay for everyone’s benefit? I asked my friends about this, and how they would react if Fremont had a full lockdown.

On the other hand, Teens Club has done many fundraisers, and during COVID we used some remaining profits from our last fundraiser to purchase masks to donate to hospitals. Protecting the community is extremely important now, and we need to keep each other safe, following the rules and wearing masks.


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