I love my local community–Pleasanton by Keven Ye

Reported by Keven Ye, 9 years old.

During Covid-19, many people’s lifestyle have changed. Children have online classes at homes. Most parents work from home, but people still keep their spirit high. Despite of Covid-19, people still go out regularly for exercise. This is my favorite park, Augustin Bernal Park, in Pleasanton. This is a young girl, wearing a mask, riding her mountain bike and climbing up the hill. Weather is good, view is beautiful, it’s the best time for the exercise to keep our body fit to fight against Covid-19. These people are hiking while keeping social distance.

It’s Christmas, another wonderful time of the year. People in Pleasanton are decorating their houses with beautiful lights to welcome Santa. People can’t wait to drive their cars to see the colorful lights and welcome the New Year. This is me taking photos and feeling delighted. If all of us do our own part, keeping social distance, wearing a mask and doing regular exercise, we can all help fight covid-19. I love my community, how about you?

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