Youth4Good We love our community! by Brandon Bao and Ethan Tang

This is Brandon Bao and Ethan Tang, we are both 14 years old.

The Youth4Good organization has been helping the community in all sorts of ways for over three years. These kindly deeds include serving meals to homeless shelters, donating all kinds of basic necessities to the impoverished, and in-person tutoring. But ever since the coronavirus pandemic, we were not able to serve meals in the homeless shelter and our service was extremely limited due to the shelter in place. However, that didn’t stop us from finding different ways to bring value to the community and quickly pivoted our service to various online programs, such as online classes, tutoring programs and virtual summer camps. We understood that kids couldn’t receive the best possible education during the pandemic, so we supported them through extra remote learning in subjects like coding and art.

We had been serving the homeless shelter until the pandemic hit. In total, 48 students attended our free summer camps, which were 20 hours each. We had 7 class subjects for the first camp, and 9 class subjects for the second one, with 13 unique class subjects. We currently have 160 students attending our online classes, and 40 students in our 1 on 1 tutoring program.


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