United We Stand by Caitlin Cheng

Video submitted by Caitlin Cheng, age 15, from the ACUC Alliance and NY Chinese Coffee Club:

With a deadly virus still hurting the people throughout the world, it is important to unite together and support each other to combat this crisis. Angelene Huang, Leader of the New York Chinese Coffee Club and one of the American Chinese United Care Alliance organizers, spoke about the Alliance and the Club’s extraordinary feat in raising cash and Personal Protective Equipment for the people in New York.

Angelene Huang and the ACUC Alliance raised over $5 million in total with more than 30% of that cash sum. She believes that teamwork is crucial in these times, and because of many people’s help, love, and giving, this was possible for the community. She expressed gratitude to her team and her community and hoped that a difference could be made with these supports.

After all, we are stronger together than we are alone.


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