Our Thanksgiving Performance gets to my local Community by Justin Qian and Chongfan An

Video submitted by Justin Qian, age 11, and Chongfan An, age 5 from Bilingual Youth TV.

11-year-old Justin Qian is from Harvard, Massachusetts. After participating in Maple Youth Drama’s Thanksgiving performance, Justin and his brother wrote a letter Harvard’s local cable TV about this charity show. The performance was featured on Harvard local TV and broadcasted during the thanksgiving holiday. This became a great inspiration to the kids in the group, who also were reaching out their local communities. The Thanksgiving Performance brought warmth and love to local communities through the different local TV, social media and libraries across the country.

5-year-old Chongfan An is from College Station, TX. She interviewed the kids from her local high school about the performance. And the original song “Virus, Virus, Go Away!” from the show became popular among the kids at her local community. Kids from all around are using their own way go fight against the virus and contribute to their local communities.


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