How seniors think and plan for Christmas celebration in the pandemic by Hailey Zhao

Video submitted by Hailey Zhao, age 10:

I am Hailey Zhao, a 10-year-old girl from Boston MA. I am a journalist and News reporter from Bilingual Youth Television (BYTV). This video is about how seniors think and plan for the Christmas celebration in the pandemic. In the video, I have interviewed Mrs. Betsy Edsall, a senior who lives alone at Uxbridge MA. I call her Betsy NaiNai, which stands for Grandma Betsy in Chinese. During the interview she talked about her plan for the Christmas celebration in the pandemic, and her suggestions to the audience to care more about seniors who live isolated in the pandemic. Even through we all have had a very difficult time this year, we should not make this winter a dark chapter in our life. Let’s embrace the coming Christmas and New Year with some holiday spirit!


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