Perfect Pitch | How to resonate with investors

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“Perfect Pitch | How to resonate with investors”

Program Introduction:

The harsh reality is, less than 5% of entrepreneurs that get to present to investors resonate with them at all! What’s more, investors only invest in people with whom they resonate. Thus, many promising investment opportunities get overlooked. Not necessarily because they are poor investment opportunities . . . just poorly represented.

The Perfect Pitch Workshop|How to resonate with investors program focuses on one of the most popular sections of the Capital Access Series™ program which is equipping entrepreneurs to accelerate their access to capital . . . and more! The following highlight the foundational benefits for student participants:

  • Learn what it takes to raise money
  • Practice to get practical and safe experience
  • Join a community of like-minded people who want to help

All these together equip participants to rapidly resonate with investors . . . in many circumstances and settings.


Program students, entrepreneurs, learn how to reveal, in terms with which investors can resonate:

  • The investment opportunity
    1. The big idea being brought to market
    2. The resources being raised
    3. The use of those resources
    4. The path to suggested investor returns
  • How risks are being mitigated
    1. Leader – why leader can be trusted with the resources
    2. Team – why the team can be trusted with the resources
    3. Market – why the market will enable the suggested investor returns
    4. Product – why the product will enable the suggested investor returns
    5. Go to market plan – how you will achieve dominance in your target market
    6. Forecasts – reveal the path to suggested investor returns
      1. Operations – expected business activities and outcomes
      2. Financial – expected resulting financial consequences
    7. IP – how intellectual property (investor’s interest) of the business is being protected
  • Next steps:  Call to action


Program participants get practical preparation and experience in each topical section which is made possible by:

  • faculty with positive funding outcomes in several business domains
  • comfortable venue for the classroom meetings of the program
  • refreshments, snacks, and box lunch for classroom meetings of the program
  • access to all the materials used by faculty in the class
  • membership in an alumni only private cloud community CAS Alumni Community (LinkedIn)
  • invitations for all who complete the program to special alumni community building programs
  • discounts for future learning, community building, and showcase programs
  • certificate of completion for all participants who complete the program


Each person who completes the program becomes a member of the global alumni community of nearly 300 students and faculty. At the end of their program, members of each cohort have:

  • Acquired new knowledge
  • Acquired new capabilities to resonate with investors
  • Built new relationships with investors
  • Built new relationships with entrepreneurs
  • Joined a long-term network of expert resources
  • Identified a clear path to the resources to thrive

Perfect Pitch Workshop

| How to resonate with investors

This program is a one-day intensive that is light on lecture and very heavy on exercises and presentation practice. As a result, each program is limited to the first 10 students who register.

You’ll learn to use a core model that you can customize to deliver in any circumstance.​

For over six years, the program has equipped hundreds of program participants improve their ability to resonate with investors; a requirement to accelerate their access to capital and other resources they need to grow their businesses . . . faster than ever before.

You will learn how to reveal, in terms with which investors can resonate, your:

  • Investment Opportunity
    1. Big Idea
    2. Deal
    3. Use of proceeds
    4. Path to Investor Payoff
  • Risk Mitigation
    1. Leader – accomplishments
    2. Team – accomplishment
    3. Market – dimensions
    4. Product – explosive adoption driver(s)
    5. Go To Market Plan – path to explosive sales
    6. Operations Forecasts – GTM activity outcomes
    7. Financial Forecasts – GTM financial outcomes
    8. IP – how investor interests are protected
    9. Recap – review Investment Opportunity
    10. Call to action
  • 1-day program (~9 am – 6 pm) minimum of 8, maximum of 10 participants 90-minute Introduction to Perfect Pitch |How to resonate with investors presentation architecture 30 12-minute Practice Sessions (~ 3 for each participant) 7-minute presentation 5-minute open review.

Please visit www.e2i.academy for more information.


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