New Workshop for Women
This Online Workshop is for women who are ready to deliver their message powerfully and authentically, share what they believe to the world, and get crystal clear on what they have to say without feardoubt, and low self-esteem.
Tuesday, November 17 at 2 PM
Saturday, November 21 at 10 AM 
The Most Powerful Little-Used Tool You Have As A Woman Is Your Voice

Now is the best time for you to unleash the brilliance and power of your voice to effect change and make a difference in your home, organization, community, and the world. When you unleash your voice you create a more compelling future for yourself and other women as well as generations of women to come.

This Workshop Is For YOU If You:

  • Allow self-doubt or fear get in the way of sharing your voice and ideas because you are afraid of what others think.

  • Hold back your voice in one or several areas of your life due to a negative experience speaking your truth in the past.

  • Sense that having more confidence to speak up and speak well, will create more success in your life and work.

  • Have a powerful message or story to share but struggle with finding the clarity on how to say it.

  • Want to feel more grounded, clear, direct, and unapologetic when speaking in any area of your life – with friends and family, at work, on stage, at networking events, etc.

  • Want to build more trust and credibilitybecome a strong communicator, and a powerful leader.

Do You Relate With Any Of The Above? If YES: 

I want to support you in your quest to get clear on what you stand for, find the freedom to share it, and become known for your ideas in the process, and I am going to do it in this unique program that is helping many women around the world develop complete trust & belief in themselves, their voice, and their message so that they can speak spontaneously and authentically in interviews, talks, and conversations, and have it be profound and engaging.


The World Needs You to Stand Up and Speak.

We believe unleashing the brilliance of women’s voices is the key to positive change in our world.

Women around the world are wanting support in speaking up and leading as who they truly are, rather than feeling like they must suppress a part of themselves to fit into a masculine model of leadership.

The time for feminine-centered public speaking and leadership training that understands the genius of the feminine mind, and how it works, has come.

Our world has never been more ready, or in such deep need, of full throttle expression of feminine intelligence.

We are here and ready to meet that need.

For too long, public speaking trainings have fostered a masculine model of what leadership and professionalism looks and feels like. This can have a detrimental effect on the self-esteem of women who desire to speak up and lead.

This sparks feeling of self-doubt, a lack of valuing the wisdom within, and a resistance to speaking up. It erodes a woman’s sense of inner freedom to lead and share her mind publicly.

We specifically provide an alternative for women to harness the power of their feminine energy, rather than hide or deny it, as they speak up to lead and effect change.

Tuesday, November 17 at 2 PM
Saturday, November 21 at 10 AM

Transform Your Fears| Deliver Your Message Powerfully| Get Clear On What You Have To Say

Original Price: $97





IMPORTANT: This workshop will NOT have a replay. It is interactive; therefore, you must attend LIVE. Please make sure you are available for the date you choose to attend.

Here’s What You’ll Learn In This Unique Workshop:
  • Speak up authentically and powerfully for what you believe in.

  • Get crystal clear on your message and have it spread like wildfire.

  • Transform any fear, doubt, or resistance about speaking publicly into total freedom.

  • Embody the three most important feminine practices for being naturally confident and charismatic.

  • Rewire your nervous system so you can work with, not against the nervous energy that can show up before you speak.

  • Shift out of performance mode and speak from a place of authenticity.

  • Feel confident and free to share your ideas at home, at work, and the world.

Believe The Success Our Graduates Share

“The practice, the skills, the feedback, and the encouragement…changed me!”

“I had just published a book and was launching my coaching career, when I saw Mirna Bard’s ad about WomanSpeak. I knew I would be doing more public speaking – on stage and in social media videos. I wanted to unlearn the structured methods I’d been taught in school and learn how to tell stories, touch hearts, and impact people’s lives in a more authentic way. I decided to give WomanSpeak a try. It was one of the best decisions I made for my business! The practice, the skills, the feedback, and the encouragement I received changed me – not only in the way I spoke, but also in the way I thought about myself. Now, whether I am invited to be a keynote presenter, a podcast guest, or participate on a panel, I have the confidence I need to bring my best to the audience. I highly recommend WomanSpeak for any woman who wants to lead and serve others at a higher level!

Thank you, Mirna Bard — you are an amazing leader! I appreciated the opportuinity to share, grow, and learn from AMAZING women. Inspired me!”


“What I learned was priceless, and it has helped me in so many areas of my life.”

“The experience has been nothing but amazing. I’ve missed you all so much. What I learned was priceless, and it has helped me in so many areas of my life. This experience taught me ways to communicate more effectively with my two grown “sons”, building more mutual respect, to working in a more positive direction with my educational staff, students, and friendships. It also helped me gain insight on my future endeavors! Love you Mirna and my entire group! Thank you for guiding me down this path.”


“I used to freak out when I thought about speaking in front of an audience.”

“Mirna Bard, you are one heck of a leader. When I think of all the things that I got from this group and you, Mirna, the list goes on and on. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for the relationships, the support, the growth, the love, and the space you provided me so I can be the more confident speaker that I am today. 

We are blessed we all have found each other and had the opportunity to be part of this incredible, positive, and nurturing group. To those who never tried WomanSpeak, I used to freak out when I thought about speaking in front of an audience. It was a big fear of mine. Yesterday I delivered a 10-minute talk in front of more than 90 people. A huge part of this powerful and positive experience is due to the OC WomanSpeak group and especially Mirna Bard who has been such an amazing leader to our group. I love my group, I love you, Mirna, and I love breaking my old barriers.”


“Constant support and cheers kept it fun and lifts us all up!”

“Mirna Bard, you are a ROCK STAR leader! Thank you for who you are and for all you’ve done. And to the lovely ladies of the group, your constant support and cheers kept it fun and lifts us all up! You’re all so wonderful. Immense gratitude!” 


“I appreciate the support you all provided as I navigated a tough time.”

“Congratulations ladies!! I loved watching the growth in each of you as our journey through WomanSpeak unfolded. Thank you, Mirna Bard for your guidance and support throughout the program. You inspire me. I appreciate the support you all provided as I navigated a tough time. I am so grateful to be surrounded by such wonderful strong and supportive women.”


“It is definitely worth the investment!”

“I joined WomanSpeak to build my confidence as a speaker and have the ability to practice in a room of supportive women. The program helped me accomplish this. It is definitely worth the investment!”


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you don’t learn at least ONE THING that you can implement immediately to unleash your voice, contact us for a full refund within 3-days of the workshop date.

MIRNA BARD // Entrepreneur // Business Development and Digital Strategy Consultant // WE-OC Founder // WomanSpeak™ Leader

From feeble and anxious to international public speaker, Mirna Bard credits several tools that helped shape her into the successful entrepreneur she is today.

Mirna grew up in a strict culture and environment, which only taught her to suppress her voice for many years and develop a depilitating fear of public speaking. In her 20s, she suffered from insomnia before discovering its root cause – anxiety, which played an enormous part in her fear of speaking up. After spending years simply coping, Mirna finally overcame her shyness and debilitating fear to speak on many stages of up to 600 people across the globe. She knew if she wanted to grow her business, showcase her thought leadership, make a difference in the world, she needed to unleash the suppressed voice that yearned to be heard.

Mirna continues to improve her public speaking skills and eager to apply her unique blend of personal experiences, empathy, and intuition as a WomanSpeak™ leader. Her goal is to inspire women to unleash their voice in all areas of their life, so they can experience freedom and discover what makes them feel alive and heard.

She is a serial entrepreneur who has been a business development and digital strategy consultant for 20+ years to top brands as well as small businesses all over the globe. Mirna also recently founded and launched WE-OC, an organization that inspires female entrepreneurs to connect, collaborate, and catapult their success, together.

Mirna has a passion for inspiring and teaching others because she is energized by seeing them thrive in business and life.

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