“National Compassion Day” Petition to the President of the United States and members of The U.S. Congress

Petition to the President of the United States and members of The U.S. Congress from Michael B. Villalpando

Michael B Villalpando with a group  of Community leaders from San Mateo San Francisco Bay Area started a petition to set Mar 15th as the National Compassion Holiday to help with the Senior and Disabled Citizens. This holiday will emphasize education and volunteerism to support this community while encouraging a greater national goodwill towards those that brought us to where we are today.

Michael B. Villalpandoa  said:
We the people call on the U.S. Congress to establish an official federal paid holiday in honor of Compassion for Senior and Disabled Citizens, on the 15th of March. This should include a Compassion Day of service, education and awareness for community involvement, with the complement of offerings by the people of the United States toward Senior and Disabled Citizens.

Michael’s Story

Michael Villalpando, the founder of The Petition for a National Compassion Holiday, has seen firsthand the needs and wants of the Senior and Disabled community. As a Tai Chi instructor, Michael works specifically throughout the state of California and beyond to deliver exercise, support, and respect to Retirement and Disabled communities. “Including actively involved with Veterans and the Homeless Angels of which many of them are Senior or Disabled”. In his own words: “During my quest in helping humanity, I have noticed that there is a great need for awareness and involvement for these communities, along with educational programs to get our young to be influenced on the realities of life. In addition there is so much we can learn from the Senior and Disabled citizens and if we do not pay attention to these citizens we will somehow keep repeating our mistakes. I have seen that we seem to be searching for riches and fortune when we seem to have forgotten that we have always had it in ourselves. My experience in the act or my passion for compassion was the rewards of complements, hugs and kisses by Senior and Disabled individuals who are surely and truly living everyday with struggles of life.” Please join Michael in this noble cause and sign the petition today.

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