Codingbar is devoted itself to making learning programing fun and easy. Faced with the impending burst of programming learning requirements, we decided that only the development of a system platform could solve this problem once and for all.With the help of trained AI teachers, students can finally achieve a personalized learning experience.Make coding education truly universal and make open data available to the next generation.

Most of the countries in the world have decided or considered to enhance the software capability by cultivating the programming capability of the teenagers and set into their education policy. However, by confronting with the huge demand of the beginners, how to solve the shortage of teaching resource has become the critical issues. Besides, teenagers learn in very different ways from adults, how to keep them interested and willing to learn is a big problem.

We have visited more than 200 schools to establish an entire new e-learning system according to the requests of the teachers. Through the big data of users, we constantly train the intelligence of AI teachers.CodingBar has provenly reduced teachers’ loadings and help them to improve the course.


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