Taiwan Data Science Company


Taiwan Data Science Company (TDSC) aspires to be a system integrator which provides an “artificial  intelligence total solution” for commercial purposes and consumer uses. TDSC’s foundation is formed  by group of scientists and data analysts who are expertise in internet of thing and big data analyzing.  TDSC integrated various smart retail software and hardware to apply in different environment, in order  to deliver accurate data for business strategy or public sector. 

Its business sales group are divided into three segments: smart commercial, smart IoT (internet of things),  and data analysis project. Smart commercial includes AI stock market analysis, developing e-commerce  platform, mobile payment, kiosk, point of sale, and cloud service agent…etc. Smart IoT is focusing on  IT system integration, smart hospitality, and industrial IoT. Self-development of Wiside carries 5G signal  detection to build up blacklist which can prevent hostile attack, enhance information security of IoT  equipment. TDSC’s core technology is data analyzing that helps industrial digital transformation with  maximum effectiveness.


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